We do the dirty work for you.

We believe in removing stress. That starts by building trust and relationships so that we best understand your needs.

We believe that service should be proactive and not reactive. We focus on tailoring cleaning solutions to your needs by talking one-on-one to identify goals, concerns, and options.


We're a family-oriented culture who believes in solving problems proactively instead of reactively.


L-WERC is a commercial cleaning services company based in the Memphis area. We highly value family, growth, and respect. More than just providing a service, we want to foster a community of encouragement.

We're all about protecting your company's image and reputation by providing a clean, productive work environment. We're tired of lousy customer service and high turnover. That's why we're prioritizing personal relationships, customized cleaning solutions, and higher development opportunities for cleaning staff.

By knowing our clients, building trust, and providing support, we can remove barriers to your company's success and provide a healthier workspace for your employees and ours.


We’ll keep your reputation sparkling.

From carpet and hard-surface cleaning to kitchen and restroom cleaning to dusting, window washing, trash removal, and more, we’ve got you covered.